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Terra Incognita is made up of experienced investors with deep experiences in newly launched and growth businesses. With decades of experience in the highly regulated asset management industry in the US and many regulatorily complex emerging markets around the world, our advisors are ready to help guide companies through the next era in the digital revolution, the Regulatory Era. Our Board Advisors have a track record working with entrepreneurs with seed and early-stage companies. 


  • While traditional advisors have a template that has been used in past successes, we employ methods that are dynamic to growing companies, and are tailored to each entrepreneurs needs.  TIABC Advisors specialize in unconventional situations requiring cross sectional and regulatory expertise.

  • The partners years in the lending and credit markets give them the ability to suggest appropriate alternative funding methods to the companies we advise.


    Years of investment and business building experience in multiple geographies and sectors (US to Kazakhstan, Banking to Hardware and Blockchain tools for logistics) give us the expertise to aid a growing business to:

  • Prepare for regulatory hurdles

  • Understand a its unit economics

  • Build a lean operational backbone to manage steady or exponential growth

  • Develop resiliency for external market shocks

  • Access domain experts with decades of hands on operational knowledge




    value proposition


    We help companies:

  • Improve productivity and number of investor conversations

  • Improve business performance management, cash flow management and business processes

  • Strategic marketplace analysis and product positioning to maximize scale

  • Increase valuation and probability of closing investors

  • Strengthen brand awareness and access to talent

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